Student Council

The School Council was launched in Bangor Grammar School in 2011. It has become a vital channel of communication, ensuring the pupil body has a voice within the school. Elections are held annually in which members of each year group elect representatives who will best serve the needs of their form class. Two of these ‘class reps’ are then elected onto the council, with senior pupils freely joining when spaces become available.

The council works in partnership alongside the Principal and her Senior Leadership Team to discuss issues arising throughout the academic year, objectively critiquing policies and making suggestions of how to improve aspects of school life. Meetings are held every two weeks with an agenda generated by the members of the council in consultation with their year groups. The views of the council have been sought to help in the decision-making process in several areas of school life, some of which are detailed below:

  • The council undertook a review of the school’s hair policy and after consultation with members of the senior leadership team several changes were agreed upon to bring the policy up to date with new styles and fashions.
  • New bike sheds have been purchased for the school to allow more pupils to store their bikes securely after this was suggested by council members.
  • After receiving feedback from pupils on the provision of healthy food at the canteen the council consulted with the catering staff, who are now in the process of setting up a salad bar.

This fostering of a more transparent communication between pupils and staff enables the school to more honestly assess how it can meet the needs of the boys. 

T Noble (Deputy Head Boy i/c Pastoral Care and Mentors)

2021/22 Student Council

Year 14

Christian Campbell

Gabriel Walker

Thomas Noble


Year 13

Freddie Scott

Tom Campbell

Patrick Davis

Joshua Gardiner


Year 12

Shay Ritchie

Jack McGreevy

Year 11

Thomas Gunning

Josh Galloway

Year 10

Charlie Beal

Cameron Furlonger

Adil Mohamed

Year 9

Charlie Steele

Daniel Marshall

Year 8

Finlay Scott

Damien Marcinek