School Charity Committee

We started the year on a high, raising £3,002 for Children in Need with Upper Sixth enjoying a day in fancy dress and a whole school non-uniform.  Other events included a penalty shootout competition, with teachers in the net, at lunchtime.

On Friday 3rd December we had a colourful non-uniform day and engaged in the #UniteTheNations Campaign.  Almost 2 million people work and volunteer across the NHS and emergency services today, including 250,000 first responders.

The Emergency Services Cenotaph (also known as a ‘999 Cenotaph’) will honour everybody who has ever served in the NHS and emergency services – from call handlers’, administrative staff, and porters to first responders, nurses, and GPs. Those on the frontline could not do their jobs without people working hard behind the scenes.

Every one of us have been helped by the NHS or emergency services at some point in our lives. Whether it’s from seeing your GP, firefighter’s putting out a fire or police officers coming to your aid. We all take those who serve in the NHS and emergency services for granted. We know that when we really need help, it will arrive.

Despite millions of people having served in the 999 family, the UK does not have a national monument to celebrate our NHS and 999 heroes. We are working to change that. Just as The Cenotaph was unveiled in 1920 to honour our Armed Forces, the 999 Cenotaph will be Britain’s national symbol of gratitude, sacrifice, and remembrance. It will stand proudly alongside The Cenotaph on Whitehall for up to 1,000 years.

To close term 1 we accepted food donations for our local food bank, helping to support families in need within our local community.

Community is at the heart of our school mission statement, and we are proud of our generous giving to others less fortunate than ourselves.