Year 13 & 14

2021/22 Admissions Criteria for entry to the Sixth Form

Waiting List Form

 KS5 Options Booklet 2022

The Role of the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors draws up the admissions criteria for entry to Years 13 and 14 following discussion with the Admissions Committee and delegates the responsibility for their application to the Principal and such other senior members of staff as the Principal deems necessary and appropriate. The Principal will report to the Admissions Committee of the Board of Governors, which will have the responsibility on the Board’s behalf of ensuring that the process has been carried out fairly and transparently in compliance with the published criteria. The Admissions Committee will review the criteria and report to the Board of Governors annually to allow for a full review and evaluation of the admissions process.


The Principal on behalf of the Board of Governors, will ensure that the admission of applicants to Years 13 or 14 will not cause the Department’s guidelines on the maximum numbers of pupils in practical classes to be exceeded or in any other way compromise the School’s resources or ability to deliver the curriculum.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the School’s Curriculum Policy and each is judged to be part of the other.

Pupils admitted to Sixth Form will, in the number and choice of their AS or A2 subjects, be expected to conform to the principles outlined in the School’s Curriculum Policy.

The offer of a place in Sixth Form will be conditional upon the pupil’s formal agreement to abide by the School’s expected standards of conduct, appearance and commitment to work.

A pupil may only be admitted to Sixth Form if the School is able to meet his curricular choice on the timetable. While every effort is made to accommodate pupils’ stated choices, the necessary configuration of the timetable will occasionally prevent the School from offering certain combinations of subjects.

(Circular 2016/09 stipulates that school can apply for a temporary variation for sixth form additional places)


Criteria for entry to Year 13 A level study (Internal Applicants)

Pupils who wish to progress to A level study must meet the GCSE points total indicated in the Pathways below, and have attained at least B grades in the A level subjects chosen. Some subjects necessitate an A grade at GCSE level – see table below for subject specific requirements. GCSE scoring is as follows: A* = 4; A = 3; B = 2; C* = 1 ½; C = 1**. If a pupil has studies an English Board examination, the numeric grading structure is as follows: 9 = 4; 8/7 = 3; 6 = 2; 5 = 1 ½; 4 = 1. Note that in some cases where a class has not been filled initially by pupils attaining a B grade, pupils who hold a C* grade may be considered after review of the UMS marks and consultation with the Head of Department.

Pathway 1: 26 points and above

Pupils have access to three or four subjects if essential criteria for each subject is met. 

Pathway 2: 21-26 points

Pupils normally have access to three subjects.  A fourth may be studied if evidence of a clear career pathway is produced.  Essential criteria for each subject must be met.  

Pathway 3: 11-21 points

Pupils have access to three subjects only. Essential criteria for each subject must be met.

Pathway 4: less than 11 points (BGS pupils only)

To enable better career pathway progression and achievement, some pupils could perhaps have access to three subjects after consultation with a senior member of staff.  Admission will be dependent on the combination of subjects chosen, a realistic view of what is achievable based on the pupil’s skills and abilities, and a review of attendance and behaviour at Key Stage 4. Essential criteria for each subject must be met.

** Pupils applying from other schools may have a combination of grades and numbers and the pathway will be discussed on application.


Subject Specific Requirements

Please refer to page 53 and 54 of KS5 Options Booklet.

Where the performance of a pupil in his GCSE examinations has been affected by verifiably serious and sustained illness or any other verifiable reason deemed, in the opinion of the Principal or Vice-Principal, exceptional and beyond the control of the pupil concerned, the School may admit the pupil on the basis of a reduced tariff.

Following the allocation of Year 13 places to existing BGS pupils, should there be spaces, we welcome applications from pupils from other schools.

Criteria for entry to Year 13 A level study (External Applicants)

The same criteria as applies to BGS pupils will apply to applicants from outside the School. No external applicant will be admitted with less than the minimum requirement specified above.

The offer of places will, however, be conditional on classes not exceeding maximum numbers.

To apply for possible admission to Year 13 please contact the Principal’s PA in the first instance.

Criteria for entry to Year 14 A level study (Internal & External Applicants)

Post 16 study at Bangor Grammar School is intended to be a two year programme of study. However, where a pupil has shown low levels of attendance, engagement and achievement, and it is agreed (in discussion between the parent, pupil and member of the Senior Leadership Team) that the pathway chosen is incorrect, pupils will be offered the option to repeat Year 13 or pursue other pathways outside of Bangor Grammar School.

Other than in exceptional circumstances, places in Year 14 will not normally be offered to external applicants. Where an applicant’s circumstances are deemed by the Principal or Vice-Principal to be exceptional and the minimum requirements have been met, a place will be offered ONLY when the pupil’s combination of A2 subjects and examination boards can be accommodated.