2021/22 Admissions criteria for Years 9-12

Waiting List Form 

 Ks4 Options Booklet 2022

Role of the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors draws up the admissions criteria for entry to Years 9 to 12 following discussion with the Admissions Committee and delegates the responsibility for their application to the Principal and such other senior members of staff as the Principal deems necessary and appropriate. The Principal will report to the Admissions Committee of the Board of Governors, which will have the responsibility on the Board’s behalf of ensuring that the process has been carried out fairly and transparently in compliance with the published criteria. The Admissions Committee will review the criteria and report to the Board of Governors annually to allow for a full review and evaluation of the admissions process.


The Principal, on behalf of the Board of Governors, will ensure that:

1. the admission of applicants to Years 9 – 12 will not cause the total number of pupils in the School to exceed the authorised enrolment number; and

2. the admission of applicants to any individual year group will not cause the Department’s guidelines on the maximum numbers of pupils in practical classes to be exceeded or in any other way compromise the School’s resources or ability to deliver the curriculum.

Method of Application

Those wishing to apply for a place at the School in Years 9 – 12 in the academic year immediately following, beginning in August / September, should in the first instance fill in the School’s application form, which may be downloaded from the School’s website, by April 30th in any calendar year.

Admission to Years 9, 10 and 11 will normally take place at the beginning of the academic school year (i.e. end of August or beginning of September as appropriate). Where circumstances exist which make a move from another school necessary or are deemed by the Principal to be in the best interests of the pupil, applications for admission to the School in-year may be considered. Because of the difficulties in matching GCSE specifications and the diversity between schools in the scheduling and co-ordination of controlled assessments, applications for admission to Year 12 will not normally be considered.

On receipt of the application, the applicant will be asked to sit two tests under exam conditions, which will be broadly comparable with the level of curriculum studied.  Should the results be deemed high enough to engage fully with the curriculum provided at Bangor Grammar School, the pupil and parents will be invited to a meeting with the Principal and a place may be offered.   Where there are more applicants with a high enough score than there are places available, the School will rank the scores of all applicants and award places in rank order.


In the event of a tie for a remaining place or places, further selection will occur on the basis of Random Selection. A numbered identical disc representing each child’s name will be placed in a “hat”, and an independent person will blindly withdraw the required number of discs from the “hat”, under the observation of a second independent person and a school representative. Places will be allocated and a waiting list will be formed according to the order in which the discs are withdrawn.


1. The definition of ‘available place’ or ‘available places’ is entirely at the discretion of the School within the constraints of the enrolment number and the Department of Education’s guidelines on maximum numbers in practical classes.

2. Applications for admission to the School at the beginning of the academic year immediately following received after April 30th may be considered, but only after the process specified above has been completed for applicants who have applied before April 30th.

3. All applicants will be interviewed by the Principal or another senior member of staff.

4. The School reserves the right in advance of any offer of a place, to request supplementary information from parents such as school reports to support the application, and to contact the applicant’s previous school to verify any information provided.

5. Applicants will be informed as soon as possible, but the School reserves its right to delay notification until after the publication of GCSE results in August, so allowing confirmation of numbers in the Sixth Form to determine the number of places available in Years 9 – 12 without the School exceeding its authorised enrolment number.