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The School’s Archives were formerly held in the Library and other locations at College Avenue. In 2004 they were centralized and re-housed in Crosby House – that is the Old Headmaster’s House at the north-east wing of the Old Building. When the School moved to Gransha Road, the Archives and the Archive Office were re-established in the Under Croft. 

The task of The School Archivist is to collect, catalogue, store, preserve and make available all information pertaining to the School and the School Family: so that their place in the fabric of the nation, both past and present, may be properly recorded.

The prime archival objective is to gather from the School Family: Boys, Grammarians, Staff, Governors (past and present), Parents (past and present) and all Friends of Bangor Grammar School all documentary, photographic, 3-dimensional or anecdotal material that exists on the School and the School Community since its creation in 1856 to the present day, including audio, video and digital recordings.

Many records will come to the archive as a matter of course – The Gryphon: school photographs: Speech Day programmes: Sports Day records, The Grammarian etc. The acquisition of many , many more will depend however on you, the members of the School Family passing on what you have in your possession. Please consider giving to the Archive anything you may have and which you would like to see permanently protected. Everything will be catalogued, stored and cared for but made available so that future generations can benefit from the generosity of their forebears.Please support us in this!

Since moving to the School's new home, it is even more important that we seek to conserve the very best of the past and the present. The School’s archival records are of vital importance in our determination to keep the School’s ethos, character and independence intact so that Bangor Grammar School will grow and prosper for centuries to come. We are after all the custodians of a heritage in learning and humanity going back for more than a thousand years.

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 Archive details are as follows:

School Archive location:     The Under Croft, Bangor Grammar School, Gransha Road BT19 7QU

School Archivist:                Lt. Col. D.B. Greenaway B.A. Cert. Ed.  (Barry)

Telephone:                          028 91473734 (messages may be left).

Fax:                                     028 91273245

Mobile:                                07515699389


Archive Rooms open:          Tuesday: 11am to 3pm or by arrangement: (Visitors welcome: please phone/e-mail in advance)

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