Student Council

The School Council was launched in Bangor Grammar School in 2011 and is currently led by Mr. Dickson. This body gives the pupils the opportunity to have a voice in school matters which directly affect them. Elections are held annually in which members of each year group elect representatives who will best serve the needs of their form class. Two of these ‘class reps’ are then elected to the council.
The council works in partnership alongside the Principal and her senior management team to discuss, critique and improve aspects of school life. Meetings are held every two weeks and are chaired by Rhys Simpson from Year 12. The agenda is generated by the members of the council in consultation with their year groups and suggestions are forwarded to the Principal for consideration.
This fostering of a more transparent communication between pupils and staff enables the school to more honestly assess how it can meet the needs of the boys.
The work and actions of the student council will be displayed on this page in the near future.

M Dickson