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Parent Teacher Association

Hello and welcome to the Bangor Grammar School's PTA webpage. Membership is open to parents of all boys attending the school.

We have had another very busy and successful year organising events and continuing to raise funds for much needed (but non-budgetary) items for the school.

Each year, the Parent Teacher Association sets itself a goal of providing assistance to the school, which will benefit as many pupils as possible. Over the last couple of years, we focussed on providing a number of items in various departments, including:
  • Mathematics : sponsorship of Mathswatch website licence, UK Maths Trust Competition entry and MathsBox
  • Literacy : purchase of differential question cubes
  • Music : purchase of portable PA system both for inside and outside of school
  • School nursing : purchase of medical wheelchair with better manoeuvrability
  • Geography : purchase of digital camera and accessories
  • Religious Education : purchase of tripod for iPad and microphone

Even though we are in a relatively new school, we must remember that there are still likely to be many areas where the school may require some additional support. Therefore, the PTA, with the support of all parents, needs to be ready to help meet these needs as they develop.

The Why and How..........

The Parent Teacher Association is helping to:

  • Promote co-operation between Parents and Teaching Staff.
  • Help improve the amenities of Bangor Grammar School.
  • Advance the prestige of the School and to help maintain, a high standard of Grammar School education.

This year we will achieve these goals by :

  • Working directly with and supporting the Teaching Staff to identify areas of much needed support,
  • Providing funds to support the purchase of non budgeted items,
  • Sponsorship of special ties for Service to the School
  • Presenting the Award for Good Citizenship, which will continue to promote community support and involvement by the pupils of Bangor Grammar School.

Our Activities and Events

To help achieve our goals, the Parent Teacher Association organises a series of events throughout the academic year.

In October 2015, the PTA celebrated Bangor Grammar School's legacy in spectacular style with an evening of glitz and glamour at the first Gala Ball held at the Clandeboye Lodge Hotel. Following on from this hugely successful and enjoyable event, which raised over £4,000 towards a new school minibus, the PTA intends to organise a second Gala Ball to be held on Saturday 7th October 2017. 

An invitation is warmly extended to alumni, staff, parents and friends. Tickets will be available shortly for another fabulous night of celebration, nostalgia, reunion and entertainment.  As we anticipate the second Gala Ball to sell out, those interested in attending are encouraged to book tickets asap to guarantee seats at the premier Bangor Grammar School social event of 2017. 

If you wish to express your interest in tickets, please contact the organising team at

In addition, we will be organising two school discos (October 2016 and February 2017), and providing careers support for the Year 14 Interview Skills Day in November 2016.

During the winter term 2016, we will be organising:

  • Wine Tasting - Saturday 19th November 2016

  • Year 8 Disco (Joint event with Glenlola Collegiate School) – Friday 21st October 2016


During the Spring and Summer Terms 2017, we will be organising:

  • Year 9 Disco (Joint event with Glenlola Collegiate School) – Friday 3rd February 2017
  • Table Quiz
  • And possibly a gin or whiskey or craft beer tasting

Over the past years, these events have proved to be great social events, and long may that last.

These events are successful for a number of reasons - from parents and friends attending, donation of raffle prizes and the support from local businesses.

Therefore, the Parent Teacher Association Committee would like to express their thanks to all the parents, friends and supporters that attended the events throughout the year.

In addition, we would also like to thank the following for helping to support the events in the year 2015/16:

  • For the Wine Tasting event in 2015, we were supported by Neill Wines and the Kerry Group
  • For the Whiskey and Craft Beer Tasting events in 2016, we were supported by Neill Wines


We Always Need Your Ideas and Support.

The interest that all of you have shown over the years is very much appreciated, as the Parent Teacher Association strives to create a community of friends.

The Committee can organise a host of events through the year, but it is only through the support of the community of parents and friends that we will all achieve our targets. Therefore, please continue to come along with your friends and families to our events, and please help to spread the word of the work that we do. Everyone is welcome. 

If you do feel throughout the years that you would like to take a more active interest and become a member of the committee, please contact us through email and come along to our meetings, where I guarantee a warm welcome.

The main aim of the Parent Teacher Association is to achieve their goals through a community of supporters. With this in mind, we would ask that you consider the best way for you to support the activities of the association. This support may be provided by:

  • Becoming a committee member
  • Supporting events by either helping to organise or attend events
  • Donating raffle prizes

The Parent Teacher Association is always looking for new members with fresh ideas.

As a Committee, we meet on the first Monday evening of each month at 7.30pm. Yes, we will ask for some of your own time. However, by spreading the tasks, as we do, this will only be for a couple of hours per month.

As a supporter, we would ask that you become actively involved by attending our events.

Even if you find that you cannot attend on the evening, you can support the events by donating raffles prizes. These prizes help us to raise funds through selling raffle tickets.

Your support, whatever form that may take, will be gratefully received.

Should you wish to join the committee, help organise, attend events or donate raffle prizes, then please contact us via the School reception or email us at:

And finally:

By supporting your son’s school’s parent teacher association,
you will be supporting your son’s school,
and supporting your son.

Thank you!

Janet Scott
Parent Teacher Association