Of the seventy-three items catalogued since Sept 2014 these are a noteworthy selection:

  • The Ray Mowat Shield for Senior Javalin.
  • The MCC shield: commemorating the cricket match against BGS on 25th May 2007.
  • School shield:  Westminster School Adelaide, Australia:  match v BGS 14th Feb 2007.
  • School shield:  Victoria, new South Wales:  no date.
  • School shield:  The Perse School:  no date.
  • School shield:  The King’s School Macclesfield:  2002.
  • School shield:  Barnard Castle School:  no date.
  • BGS Year 8 reading reports (2008): Year 13 in 2014.
  • Stephen Connolly’s speeches as Headmaster 2002-13:  gift of Mr S.D.Connolly.
  • BGS full school photograph:  summer 2013.
  • Plans, records and other documents for the Wilkins Centre 1987-89.
  • Connor House:  the Gibson Cup:  presented 1995.
  • Connor House:  the Preparatory Department Cup:  first awarded 1965.
  • Connor House:  The Bob McKee Memorial Cup: gift of the Nixon Family 1961.
  • Photograph of Herbert Hannay (1940) and documents.
  • Transcript of talk given by DB Greenaway at ND Museum: Nov 2014:  BGS & The Great War.
  • The Edward Mitchell Cup U15  for 880 Yards. This is not an error !
  • Remembering their Sacrifice (Barry Niblock):  booklet given to every boy 2014.
  • William Hanley Ball:  first Headmaster:  BNL extracts: supplied by Sandra Millsopp 2014.
  • BGS School photographs 1968 & 1975 (rolled).
  • Simon Walters (5921) generously donated his Honours Blazer (Music) to the Archive collection.



Since the last edition the Archives have received and fulfilled as far as possible requests from the following people:

Lyn McCallum seeking leavers information from the BGS Register and medallion rugby photographs/reports from 1965-66.

Thomas Speers sent a personal update for the Register

Ray Elliott requested information on the Sir Walter Smiles Cup for swimming.

Mike McConnell requested photographic material for the Lindon Dinner.

Terence Bowman was supplied with information on Connor House trophies and confirmation of the names of war dead.

Daire Cunningham (Staff) asked for old Gryphons to illustrate the latest edition of the new school magazine in May 2015.



Thanks to coincidental research by Sandra Millsopp, a member of Bangor Historical Society, towards the end of 2014 we have discovered the name of the first Headmaster of BES/BGS (the document is reproduced below). Until now little or nothing was known of the period 1856 to 1860.  His name was William Hanley Ball : he was a graduate and his appointment as Master was mentioned in the Deed of Bequest (1856), the School’s founding document, although his name was not included. After handing over to Thomas Gowdy in 1860 he took holy orders, becoming a Church of Ireland Rector. Having established BES perhaps he felt the need for spiritual security !  


Another find following a talk given by the Archivist at the North Down Museum and subsequent research by a number of people was the discovery that the number of men killed in the Great War is now 144, not 138 as previously believed.  Two of the additional names were known but not that they were old boys. A third name is that of Stanley Maxwell, hitherto listed on the also served roll but who in fact died of wounds received at the Somme. All six names are recorded elsewhere in this edition of the Grammarian and details are now entered in the Bangor Grammar School Register.


The Bangor Grammarians have generously presented two display cabinets and other display equipment. Items from The School’s archive collection can now be seen by everyone for the first time since we left College Avenue.


On 3rd October 2014 the last Mayor of North Down, Councillor Peter Martin (5485) invited former staff to a reception in Bangor Castle. Peter regaled us with stories of his time at BGS, much to the embarrassment of some! The evening was a great success. Photographs are held in the Archives.


Photographic records of the following events are now in the Archives: The 2014 Art Exhibition, The 2014 Carol service (held in Bangor Parish Church for the first time in 25 years) and The First 100 Years Exhibition.  We also hold copies of the BBC School Report submissions from BGS pupils, one of which featured the Archives and one which resourced the archival record.  Both featured BGS and the World Wars.



Fourteen years in the making, the Register is as complete as is currently possible.  It contains the names of every known pupil from 1878 to 2014.  It also lists Headmasters, Staff, Head Boys, Captains of Rugby, Cricket and Hockey and Oxbridge entries. Many of the pupil entries are sketchy and further information is always welcome. It is currently unpublished but may be viewed in the School’s Archive Facility.



The Archives have a large collection of silver trophies going back to 1924.  These include numerous imperial measure sporting trophies as well as many academic awards.  Many should still be presented but are not.  They will however be displayed thanks to the Grammarian cabinets.



From Belfast News Letter  discovered Nov. 2014